Here you'll find free and simple technology lessons. Coding playground is all about open source and playful learning.

About Me

I'm Stuart Spence, the creator of Coding Playground. I'm a programmer and teacher promoting free and awesome technology lessons to support playful learning.


I offer digital skills workshops in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto. My workshops are always fun hands-on experiences with free, professional tools.


Can you share the code files in your videos?

Typing and then personalizing code is part of your learning process. You can read more about this here. But if you insist, downloading all scripts is an option if you donate. I also sometimes share my code in video descriptions if I feel it's too long.

Can you help me with...

When I post videos lots of people ask for help. I want to help! But I probably can't. You see, I can reach more people by making videos for everyone instead of just helping you. Read more about this here.

What license are your projects released under?

Unless stated otherwise, code I put online has the GPL 3 license. When picking a license I prioritized education. Feel free to contact me about any license concerns.

Why do you use Unity3D if it's not open source?

The moment I find an open source alternative comparable to Unity3D, I will switch! For now, at least Unity3D is gratis and has a great community. You can read more about why I continue to use Unity3D here.

Do you do events?

Yes! I live in Montreal, Quebec and regularly lead technology workshops here. Also, if admission to your event is free I can lead your workshop for free.

Unity3D Videos

Here are some of my video playlists. You can also browse all my videos on my YouTube channel.


Feel free to contact me for feedback, questions, or future video suggestions.